Alternate mixes of My Favorite Song:

Radio – The Radio mix is the official version of My Favorite Song, released the first day of Fall, 9/23/2023. This version has abbreviated Introduction and Solo sections, as was commonly done in the 1980’s to create shorter versions for radio play. Watch the video here, or peruse more information about the creation of the audio and video.

Long Play – This is the full original version of the song without vocals. This instrumental only version is the best way to appreciate the full depth of the backing tracks behind My Favorite Song. The 4:13 song length has special significance, with associated easter eggs in the video…which was released on 9/23/2023 and is available here.

Spring – This is a mellower version of the song without bass and drums, accentuating the vocal and keyboard parts. This is considered the ‘gospel’ version of My Favorite Song, with its lush organs and other dramatic arrangements.

Summer – The Summer version is reminiscent of hearing music on the outdoor loudspeakers at the community pool growing up in the 1970’s. This is a guitar centric version with a pronounced vocal effect. The solo section is split between the guitar and synthesizer parts, while a ‘fade-out’ over the final vocals completes a unique mix that captures the essence of a bygone era.