Eight separate versions (mixes) of My Favorite Song accentuate different aspects and instrumentations. Each version is considered a complete work derived from the original (full) version.

Radio (aka ‘ My favorite Song’)– The Radio version features abbreviated Intro and Solo sections as inspired by some of the great songs of the 80’s which offered shorter radio play versions and longer album based versions. Available now on all major music download and streaming platforms as ‘My Favorite Song’

Fall (aka ‘Video’) – This is the complete version of the song as used in the video, released on the first day of Fall, 9/23/2023. Available now on YouTube

Winter (aka ‘Instrumental’) – This is the Full version without vocals. This is a mostly unaltered version, sans vocals, and with a slight bump in lead guitar volumes that needed to yield somewhat to the vocals in other versions. This is the best way to appreciate the full depth of the backing tracks behind My Favorite Song.

Spring – This is a more mellow version of the song without bass and drums, accentuating the organ and keyboard parts. This is also considered the ‘gospel’ version of My Favorite Song, with its lush organs and other dramatic arrangements.

Summer – The Summer mix is reminiscent of hearing music on the outdoor loudspeakers at the community pool growing up in the 1970’s. It has the abbreviated Intro from Radio and features edgier bass and drums effects and a single guitar, along with a pronounced vocal echo effect that was also partially adopted for the epilogue in the Radio version.

Studio – The Studio version is a sub-mix off the master bus and features unaltered content from the Fall version for Drums, Bass, Vocals and the guitar solo. This is one of the best ways to hear the many fine vocal nuances while maintaining a solid backbone and beat.

Industrial – The Industrial mix is the Summer track without vocals. This version demonstrates how powerful a simple 3 piece (Drums, Bass, Guitar) rendition can be. It shares the same abbreviated introduction of the Radio version but includes the guitar solo section, along with a few other edits deemed appropriate in the absence of vocals.

Epiphany – The Epiphany version is a vocal only representation of My Favorite Song that was carved from the Spring version. It has deeper reverb effects than the other tracks, as well as some edits to eliminate dead air spaces where there was only music. This is the best (and only) way to hear just the vocals. The version was named after the religious holiday that occurs on January 6th called The Epiphany, as the recording of the song was started on this date.