My Favorite Song was created as a tribute to my late mother-in-law, Beverly K Ross of Pataskala Ohio, but originally from Point Pleasant, West Virginia – home of the Mothman!

Bev came from very humble beginnings and through her never ending love and determination created a whole clan of people who miss her every day.

Bev passed from Dementia in 2021. During her fight, which robbed her of the ability to even speak, she would still sometimes hum or tap along to her favorite songs from the past. This last display of humanity moved me to create this song, which is more of a personal reflection on the struggles and uncertainties we all face as we age.

Music is the most powerful force in the universe! And it is something that can bring together all manner of people with diverse backgrounds and beliefs.

The lyrics and message of this song should be interpreted as however appropriate for each listener.

Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy ‘My Favorite Song’.