My Favorite Song is comprised of 168 tracks across 5 project files totaling 33 GB of data. Multiple versions are available to hear the layering and different mixing techniques used.

Project Duration: 261 days from 1/6/2023 to 9/23/2023; over 2000 hours of production time (including audio/video and song management).


Software: Cakewalk DAW; Virtual Instruments and effects by: Arturia, Korg, Waves, Cakewalk, Overloud, XLN Audio, Native Instruments, Celemony

Hardware: Guitars and Bass: Paul Reed Smith, Fender, Carvin, Roland; Other: Roland D-70, Roland JD-XA, Korg opsix, Roland TD-20 drums, Shure SM7B microphone


The video is comprised of over 200 video tracks and nearly 1000 sequenced events. Over 30 hours of video footage was recorded to capture performances that accurately portray the various parts of the song.


Software: Davinci Resolve Studio v18.x, GIMP 2.x, OBS, Voicemeeter, Cakewalk

Hardware: Asus 4070ti nvidia graphics running on Windows 10, Intel 11th generation i7 with 16GB ram and 12 TB storage; 8′ X 10′ cloth green screen with edge lighting; generic 1080p webcam; iPhone 8 camera; vintage ‘Silver Pacer’ movie screen; various stands, clips and duct tape