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Hahnemühle Watercolour Selection Sampler Pad
REVIEW: Hahnemühle Watercolour Selection Sampler Pad

March 17, 2022

The Hahnemühle Watercolour Selection Pad is a sampler that includes 14 sheets of their watercolor papers. The sheets come in three surface textures, five weights, and three fibers. Some of these are surface sized, and some are not. What a great way to explore Hahnemühle’s watercolor papers, and the variety of watercolor papers in general. Hahnemühle Watercolour Selection – The […]

Glitter Sparkling Watercolor Paper from Paul Rubens
REVIEW: Glitter Sparkling Watercolor Paper – Paul Rubens

March 10, 2022

I thought I’d seen just about everything when it comes to watercolor paper, but Paul Ruben’s Glitter Sparkling Watercolor Paper is something unique to my experience. There is s glitter embedded in the paper itself, for a subtle shimmer. Because it’s part of the paper, not just sitting on the surface, there’s no glitter rubbing off on your hands, on your clothes, […]

Hahnemühle 100% Cotton Watercolour Book
REVIEW: Hahnemühle 100% Cotton Watercolour Book

March 3, 2022

I was excited when I learned about the Hahnemühle 100% Cotton Watercolour Book. I’ve been using their cellulose/cotton blend sketchbook for years, and love it, but there are certain things you can only do with 100% cotton paper. I was expecting great things from this new book. Hahnemühle didn’t let me down.

REVIEW: Arteza Gouache Paint and Tool Set

February 24, 2022

Paints and brushes and paper, oh my! The Arteza Gouache Paint and Tool set is a handy collection of the art tools you need to start painting with gouache. It’s also a handy organizational tool for those who already do. This set is also called the ‘Arteza Gouache Paint & Tool Art Set’ on some websites, and the ‘Arteza Gouache […]

REVIEW: Paul Rubens (SHI YUN) Precipitated Watercolor Paint Set

February 18, 2022

Last year, I spent a couple of weeks taking care of a sick family member. When I got home, I was bit depressed and not in the least inclined to paint. I received this set of Paul Rubens Precipitated Watercolor (also packaged as SHI YUN) Set as a gift, did a few strokes across the paper and … instant drama! […]

TUTORIAL: How to Paint a Tulip in Gouache

February 10, 2022

Gouache is a watercolor medium that can be used like watercolor, or acrylic, or like something all its own. The colors are opaque, and can be rewet, but can also be painted over completely without other colors showing through. As with any medium, there are some tricks to making it all work. What We’ll Be Doing

Super Vision Layered Watercolor Packaging
REVIEW: Super Vision Layered Watercolor Paint Set

February 3, 2022

Layered watercolor? What — like a layered cake or something? Not exactly. Today, I’m reviewing the Super Vision Layered Watercolor Paint Set. Layered Watercolor – So What’s the Difference? ‘Layered’ means each paint in this 10-color tube paint set separates into more than one color. Layered means more than one color in each tube, not that they are stacked next […]

GUCAI Pearlescent Classical Paul Rubens Watercolor Paint Set Review Main Image
REVIEW: GUCAI Pearlescent Classical Paul Rubens Watercolor Paint Set

January 27, 2022

The city of Jingdezhen is renowned for their porcelain painting techniques. One of their famous enamel glazes is called Gucai. This set from Paul Rubens contains watercolors, not enamels, but they certainly capture the feel of porcelain painting on paper. As soon as I opened this box of watercolors, I knew I had a problem! They’re beautifully embossed, but as […]

Kaleidolines Starter Set Packaging Zig Kuretake
REVIEW: Kaleidolines Starter Set from Kuretake ZIG

January 13, 2022

Need a set of tools for drawing, doodling and watercolor-style coloring? The Kuretake ZIG Kaleidolines Starter Set may be exactly what you need. But What Are Kaleidolines? Kaleidolines is a method of drawing based on patterns, similar to Zentangle and Tangling. It works very well with both. Really, it’s just a way to get started with abstract drawing or doodling.

Cambio Tambien Brush Pens Sets by Kuretake
REVIEW: Cambio Tambien Brush Pen Sets by Kuretake

December 16, 2021

Looking for things to make you paint in bright, bold color? Kuretake Cambio Tambien brush pens come in two sets of 6 Colors each. They’re great for a range of artistic activity — painting, lettering, art journaling and more. But What Are They? These are brush pens — those in-between tools that have bristles like a brush but are filled […]

REVIEW: Strathmore Ready Cut Watercolor Paper

December 10, 2021

Ever tried to find a frame and discovered your painting isn’t an easy size to find? Strathmore Ready Cut watercolor paper comes in three of the most common U.S. frame sizes — 5” x 7”, 8” x 10” and 11” x 14. On the back you’ll find information to help you find the right mat for your painting as well. […]

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