Two colors you couldn’t live without

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    Trissa Nova

    I noted on my intro that I’m trying to get a better handle on crafting a limited palette.  So I’m curious if you had to pick just two colors…perhaps if you could only use those two colors for a few weeks, what would they be?

    For me I think maybe Daniel Smith Transparent Red Oxide and Ultramarine Blue. If this image comes through, it was a few casual/simple practice studies I did from a vacation photo my sister sent me. I used Neutral Tint also, but just the two seemed like they would have a huge range.

    Lighthouse sketches

    Sandra Strait

    I’d probably go with something like Daniel Smith Aussie Red Gold and Phthalo Blue. Or if I was going for lower key paintings, Paul Rubens Shaded Yellow and Chinese Ink Blue.

    Over the years, I’ve tried to develop the palette that works best for me, and I kind of have one that is my go to.  But I get bored so easily if I try to stay with just one. It’s like potato chips – I have about a bazillion different palettes now and keep adding new ones.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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